What's the show?

The third season of Jägermeister Scouting series was supposed to be different from the previous ones. Consumer habits have changed a bit due to the endless quarantine - not a single place is open, the last legal party was ... no one will remember when, and everyone stayed tight “at home”. The brand had to adapt to the new reality, so Jägermeister became an indispensable component of the recipe for the perfect home party.

Now the Jäger-scouts also had to not only look for places where one could hang out interestingly, but arrange such a movement themselves so that no quarantine would interfere! We decided to dedicate the third season of Jäger Scouting to house parties and show how you can diversify home parties when you are already tired of all the board games and want to party hard.

Hip-hop artist Alina Pash, as well as model and video blogger Sergey Stone, were selected for the role of hosts. They perfectly complemented each other, both are hype, and, come on, who doesn't want to hang out at Alina Pash's house?

What's with the audience?

At parties you can see influencers, freelance artists and deputies dancing nearby. So our audience for this project was quite different. These are young people under 23 years old who want to look modern and cool, and a little older, 25-35 years old, who are not ready to create trends, but follow them with pleasure.

In order for the project to be interesting to the audience and reach its business goal, we had to maintain a balance between the plot, humor, brand identity and usefulness to the viewer. Well, challenge accepted!

What about style?

Each episode of Jäger Scouting had a unique concept and scenario: a quiet party in headphones to smut tracks, a content party with life hacks from bloggers, a swap party with dressing up and an epic challenge party that turned into half an hour of pranks. For each series, we prepared unique graphic content — snippets for YouTube, design of stories and posts on Instagram, various interruptions for videos.

Watch out for hands now: we took as a basis the philosophy of the brand - deutsch after dark, sharpness and modernity, the spirit of youth and exquisite entertainment, added images of presenters and brand elements directly from the commercials to the design in order to make communication more lively, and a little more Bauhaus, grunge and glitch - and our creatives came out as fresh as a Berlin morning.

Another nuance that we had to take into account in our work: according to the laws of Ukraine, digital advertising cannot show the process of alcohol drinking or pouring it into glasses. We took this constraint as an additional challenge for the creative work and instead of the direct drinking demonstration made *drumroll* graphic cut-outs with Jägermeister signature shots and bottles.

We added the sound of digital noise or harsh acid house to the interruptions, as this music perfectly emphasizes the tone of voice of Jägermeister - the dark party. Also during the editing process, the idea came up - to voice the episodes with a meme robot instead of an announcer, and it worked perfectly!

What's with the audience engagement?

In order to increase the number of organic views, in each series we came up with contest mechanics in the comments under the video. We also made a promo on Instagram, where the main prize — a Jägermeister tap machine was drawn.

And what is the result?

The KPI for us was the number of views of the show on YouTube - and we exceeded the target by 139%. Same with Instagram. According to all engagement metrics, we exceeded the plan by 1-2-3. It means 123%. We also saved the budget.

The comments that rushed under the contests are generally a special story. And as always happens after a good party, the “how it was” materials walked around the network for a long time. Long story short: you must watch this show!