«This is Pivbar» is being a cult brand for a long time. With its big idea and mission: to create and sustain the Ukrainian beer culture. And the brand does it.

Have you ever heard of beer sommeliers? «This is Pivbar» has such experts in each of their pubs. Also, they have a school for personnel, Secret Service, programs of beer education, and more than 100 beer types. And we couldn't forget to mention the system of keeping, chilling and pouring the beer, which is one of the best in Europe.

To sum up – they are reeeally cool! They are burning with enthusiasm!


«That’s how we look like now» – the brand team cut to the chase and showed us the current visual identity. It was made in a naive art style. Good-made, astonishing and aesthetical.

Previously, «This is Pivbar» has been demonstrating, that the brand has been a part of the beer culture. 

But this year the team has wanted to show even more. That the brand is at the intersection of everything good which has been done and the best, the team is going to do.

“Either our parents or us, do feel comfortable in «This is Pivbar». And anyone, who’ll come after us, will feel this way.

Because we are taking the good experience from the past, creating the best today, and designing the better tomorrow of the beer culture.”

– From brief


We started the creation of the visual identity from the design research – from the search and analysis of something that could explore the theme.

Visual identities, forms, details, colors – we analyzed everything that could help us to solve the brief.

In our case – to connect the past with the future.


Based on everything that we collected in the research, we determined two directions of visual. We showed them to the client before we started working – that helped us to make the fast progress later because we didn't have to redesign our work.


«Retro-cyber» was one of our first design prototypes. It is based on the works of futurist artists from the middle of the 20th century. More precisely, on their vision of a better future.

To make the concept look not too old-fashioned, we added some neon details. They are typical for the cyber style.

We made a mood board and some draft prints for the presentation. And made some designs of art objects to show what the concept will look like on Instagram.

«This Is Pivopolis»

With this concept, we decided to push the boundaries of the past even more. 

The vision of artists from the end of the 19th century was the main in this idea.

But we didn’t want to make the whole style similar to posters from the past, so we combined the concept with the collage technique.


From retro to '90s

 «This is Pivbar» team chose the first concept. And after the discussion, we picked together how we can develop it.

We moved the timeline from the far past to the cozy 90s. In that style, our target audience could detect their memories in the visual and feel warm nostalgia.

We kept cyber style: with neon, colors, and effects. And decided to experiment with them – to make cyber style dominant in the concept.

Our design experiments brought us to Vaporwave style, which we mixed with cyber and 90s.

Then we made a test series of prints and mood boards again.


The visual identity was approved. So we started expanding the concept and adapting it for all required materials. Moreover, the design got its name:


Firstly, we developed posters for different business occasions and needs. For «This is Pivbar» these are special offers, lunch offers, delivery, and events.


We developed two visual directions of communication: event posts and food posts. The difference between them was not only in accents and graphic elements.

We made separate guides and photo recommendations for food posts. It was essential to keep food looking tasty in neon colors with special effects.

Cyber uniform

Simultaneously with graphic design, we made a concept of personnel uniforms. Sketches, drafts, and mood boards… Separate task, which we made at the same time with other brand materials.

Related materials

Drink coasters and certificates. We made them so nostalgic, that everyone should definitely cry about their youth. For sure, we’ll change them for tips for a barman.

WC Art

We think we turned WC into an independent place of pub leisure. 

At first, you’ll see the monitor on the entrance. It kind of broadcasts the cabins, whilst something strange happens in there.

But in fact, these are GIFs. Because the camera films you and broadcasts on the same monitor, it feels surrealistic. Hah) But when you come inside, everything is different there.

You’ll BE BACK

It`s cool in here. 

You can sing if you want. 

Or you can look in the mirror to realize how old you are.

Everybody will be back anyway. At least to make a photo near the neon title.


And that was the separate task – to design sculptures in cyber style. Neon lights and fluorescent paints have done their job.


Honestly, we made a sticker pack, because we wanted to make one. The final concept didn't include lots of cool visual drafts and discoveries. So we couldn’t just leave it and make no sticker pack from the cute images.

This Is It

This is what our work on «This is Pivbar» design looked like. And it’s a pretty superficial description. We described only 20% of processes, decisions, and details. But it’s a good way to describe the process of design creation in our agency 😊