The first online popcorn-store in Ukraine

Everyone knows that Popcorn Pumpidup from Planeta Kino is a frenzy in the middle of the weekdays, crunch-crunch in the middle of the night and everything like that.

But not everyone knows where to buy it. 

When Pumpidup contacted us, VERTIGO agency, their popcorn was sold only through the Rozetka store and in a limited number of retail chains. Also

not all tastes were available. In short, it was not really ok… The online store was needed!

Not even that, we needed the first online popcorn store in Ukraine! Because popcorn Pumpidup is a unique thing. The popcorn line, which covers corn with hot steam instead of frying in oil, was brought straight from the United States. Pumpidup's plans were ambitious enough to compete in one category with all the popular snacks.

And also, it is very important to support the service and vibe to which Planeta's customers are already accustomed.

The devil is hiding in the backend

So, Pumpidup already had a positioning, identity and complete lack of e-commerce experience for the whole team. We started discussing the online store in June 2020 and that was a beginning. After much deliberation on how the order should be received and processed, we decided that each participant in the process - call center, logistics, storekeeper, accountants - should have separate access to its section in the CMS, so that processes do not interfere.

The most difficult thing was to understand this business process and match all the processes among themselves.

To prevent any email from being sent before confirming payment, and no bundle was lost on the way between the "Buy" button and accountant report. Ahead of us were many difficulties with logistics, establishing contact with the courier delivery company and an unforgettable 9-hour bug-searching zoom marathon. Whoops!

Visually, we have completely preserved the Pumpidup style - something cartoonish is coming from all sides and even the edges of the forms for filling and the buttons are crafty and uneven. In general, the site came out as a popcorn - clicking is comfy and order is finally convenient. It remains to be determined: salty or caramel?