trash hunter

Did you know that there are 5 types of garbage? And each of them has its sorting and recycling features.

And some of them are non-recyclable.

And there are items to be careful with.

And also...

And also...

And also...

That's why everyone who sorts at home is the hero of our time. Eco-heroes, whose superpower is the knowledge of all the features of waste disposal.


With the desire to create more eco-heroes in Ukraine, we were invited to the project by Pernod Ricard and No Waste Ukraine.

It is the first educational digital project in Ukraine that teaches sorting and responsible consumption.

Trash Hunter is an online game that proves that sorting trash isn't as hard as it sounds.

The game is like an interactive online sorting guide. In short and interesting form it provides basic information about the household waste that users may find useful.


The game offers the user to turn into a space eco-ranger and save the galaxy from the garbage threat.

To complete all the missions, you need to feed 29 garbage monsters and 6 of their big bosses. Each monster's food is a different sort of packaging. A player should feed monsters wisely, otherwise, the rescue mission will fail.

Boxy, Packaginey, Polystyrene, Glassik - each monster has its own story. All information about sorting and responsible consumption is presented in a storytelling format.

To test their knowledge in the final mission, each player needs to swipe the correct package from the common pile of garbage into the throat of the garbage monster.


According to our plan, the type of each garbage monster and its name will be associated with a certain group of waste, which is accepted at the sorting station. So the player is more engaged and it's easier to remember information.


Trash design was a hard nut to crack. As it turned out, if you do not write the name of the brand on the packaging, it is difficult to understand what it is. People choose products not by the form of packaging and do not remember the characteristics of such packaging.

For this reason, sometimes it was necessary to design dozens of objects to form one recognizable image.

Guess, how many trash designs we have designed in total? 64!


In 4 months of cooperation, we went a long way:

  • - developed game mechanics

  • - structured all the texts

  • - created UX/UI components

  • - designed 35 characters and 64 garbage objects

  • - programmed mechanics and engine 

  • - tested gameplay a dozen times

  • - distributed press releases

  • - launched digital ad campaign

And most importantly, we made waste sorting more convenient for thousands of people.