Working with a developer is a challenge for creativity. This is a large, often conservative, and, most importantly, poorly understandable brand for the user. What if it's not just a developer but also a manufacturer of concrete, tiles, building mixtures, and a dozen other products? And you need to create a single SMM strategy for all subbrands.


Yeap, with such input data, Kovalska came to us last year. But we love the challenges :)


- 14 different social media accounts

- 46 target audiences

- Cool products 

Purpose: to unite all subbrands under the umbrella of the Kovalska brand.


We have concluded that the brand has to focus on two areas: 

1. Kovalska - developer 

2. Kovalska - manufacturer of building materials.


So we removed everything superfluous. And 14 separate social media accounts turned into a united 5.


How to show apartment renders and ordinary building mixtures the way no one has ever seen? The way none of the developers show?

We looked at the building materials as art. And it turned out that the textures of mixtures, paints, patterns on tiles are a real palette for the artist.

Now this concept successfully lives on the social networks of the brand.


Strategy presentation vs Live Instagram account 


On this project, our art directors showed all their love for the aesthetics of geometric shapes, and copywriters - for Kyiv and urbanism.

If you want to know what gentrification is, whether fences are needed in the city – you're warmly welcomed to the Kovalska page.

To bring all this to life, we used an urban photographer, who every three months showed Kyiv in a new way.

And this is what the Guides section looks like in the stories.

Each house has its Stories archive, where information about the object is collected.

Does the audience engage?

Urbanism is a complicated subject. No matter how you write and shorten, there is no way to do it without technicalities and social discussions. But that's a good thing. Because we didn't want to be another developer selling apartments and not explaining anything. We wanted the brand to be an urban expert you can always count on.

Among the forty-six audiences of the umbrella brand, we dedicated the real estate profile to urbanists and potential investors. You can estimate how much this went up by eight months of communication.

What about KPI?

The number of subscribers has increased


Organic Reach Rate


Organic engagement of the posts.
One of the highest rates among developers.