360 creative service during the year
Best price comparison aggregator in Ukraine is an online service. It helps users choose the product by comparing stores’ offers and prices. Biggest service of its kind in Eastern Europe. Aggregator’s daily audience is more than 300K users. For 30 years of existence, Hotline gained the enormous trust of the customers and merchants.  

Everything was ok with the older audience at Hotline, so we focused on the 18-30 y.o. These are the ones who have just started an independent life and finally found a place for smart shopping. Yeap, Hotline is a great advisor in that! 


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In 2021, we planned: to update the visual style, add interactive mechanics for increasing the audience`s engagement, consolidate traffic indicators, involve bloggers, and develop new mechanics of brand integration. We analyzed which categories attract most of the users and stayed with the most popular. At the same time, mercilessly said goodbye to those who did not take off. Finally –added new ones - Hot shop, Hot trends, and Hot fun.

Added Shapes

We gave up drawing elements, which formed the style of the account in 2020. Craft drawing took too much time, so we completely switched to collages. Hotline used them before, but the color scheme was quite chaotic. This time, we have limited the colors to yellow and light blue. Also, we used grey, white, and black as secondary options. By adding different textures, such as rag paper and brushstrokes, we have made Hotline collages recognizable.

«What product suits you?»

There comes a point in every brand’s life when it creates an Instagram mask. And Hotline is no exception. For this mask, we combined products that could be found on Hotline, with role models of modern city dwellers. So that's how we created a lamp of rich thinking, an «abuser’s heart» carpet, a crush glitter, and many more fascinating items.

Everyone has a benefit.

Hotline promoted the idea that you need not only to search for the cheapest deal but to buy wisely. Therefore, the concept of benefit is very personal for every human being. For some people, a profitable purchase means buying cheap. For others, fast delivery stands in the first place. And for the rest, a 24-month guarantee plays a crucial role. But whatever the clients` benefits are, they will make the right choice on Hotline. We had to develop a series of videos based on these messages.

We based it on the fact that every person in a relationship wants to feel unique. Yet sometimes the reasons why we are chosen by our partners are not quite obvious. We imagined that one day our phone or refrigerator will ask: «Why did you choose me?». And you will tell the truth - because it was advantageous.

Smart Habit

All of us have modern smart habits. We sort the trash, drive electric cars, and take coffee "to go" in an eco-friendly cup. 

We knew that looking for something on the Hotline site and app has become a habit for a huge audience. And those who did not use the service before just had to acquire this new smart habit. It became the main message for the whole brand’s communication.

We concluded that the search for products on HOTLINE is a smart habit for smart people.

To support the new brand platform “HOTLINE is your new smart habit!” we developed a campaign that included three video commercials, OOH boards, digital ads, and interactive screens in the subway. 

The idea was to create a link between the most popular goods and smart habit to compare prices and find the best deals from all the e-commerce platforms at once.

To show the life of these smart characters, we used a motion control robot. After the shooting, it was easy to add smart objects around our characters and change their wardrobe according to the voice-over.


After the launch of the campaign and new positioning, all brand metrics tripled in comparison to the previous quarter and year. The share of direct traffic at the beginning of 2022 was the biggest for all years of service existence. 

The Instagram account grew up to 28K of real users and had a stable reach and engagement.