Kino / Instagram


Planeta Kino movie chain is the trendsetter in an Instagram world of brand communication.

The idea of endless feed was unexpectedly efficient, so lots of imitators showed up.

More and more endless feeds appeared, so we decided to change everything.

It was time to astonish everyone with a much more creative idea. 

We had to invent something, that market hasn't seen before.

We wanted to create not just a feed with posts. Our goal was to develop the totally new mechanics of followers engagement considering Instagram algorithms. Furthermore, we wanted to save the brand content style and to make something special. So the idea of an art object, which could be the quest for followers, came up. 


Planeta Kino’s followers are active people from big Ukrainian cities. They don't only scroll the feed – they also leave comments, follow the news. And also they are ready to interact with the brand, as previous digital campaigns showed us. Planeta Kino is the love mark for them! And the brand's Instagram page is the engaging content itself.

We created a campaign, based on the brand platform and insight «That's something!» (brand's motto is the Ukrainian word trick, which has no analog in English, means "That's something special"). The creative idea was to make 12 posts and publish them in the wrong order every month, like a disassembled puzzle. The last post informed about the contest with the game for followers. Users had to solve the puzzle: make a whole art object from 12 posts and creatively show the process of solving.


Every month we created mosaics from 12 posts, which gathered in one single picture. We chose the picture, cut it into 12 pieces, mixed them, and formed a content plan with the single parts of the puzzle in random order.

Every post had a collage with relative content about Planeta Kino’s events: film promotions, announcements, special offers. We posted each content unit by schedule: the picture was relative to the post content but didn't match the previous and the next post in the feed by visual part.

We announced each contest’s rules in the last, twelfth post. In that post, we proposed users to solve the riddle, match all 12 pictures in the right order, make the post/stories in their feed with the full art object, and to tag Planeta Kino’s profile. Each month the winner with the most creative post design won the prize and got a mention in the brand stories.

After the finish of each month's contest, we have archived all 12 posts and have made another 12 posts with the puzzle in the correct order. And then the new contest started…


Planeta Kino got unique social media content again. We integrated the new interaction mechanic, which nobody has done before. This project made a level up in user engagement and the brand got organic followers` growth and high user engagement.

Users themselves got the opportunity to make their art projects on the basis of Planeta Kino’s brand platform. We didn't limit them with the rules of realization, so they could do the puzzle using their own artistic methods. They drew Instagram feed with paint, made animations, so many bright arts!

The main thing is that they got their work mentioned in the brand Instagram feed and received presents from the cinema for their efforts.