Anti-crisis communication for Planeta Kino

Do you remember how we stayed at home during the first months of lockdown? It was the time when all the world stopped, nobody knew what to do and the mask didn’t become the usual accessory on the face yet.

Precisely at that time cinema network Planeta Kino faced a big problem – all cinemas were closed, no films were shown and no 3d-glasses or popcorn were available to buy. We had to save the Planet!


Spoiler: this case was so effective that we got 3 Effie awards at a time – two silvers and one gold.

Effie Awards Ukraine 🦄

🥇   Campaigns during COVID-19 in Ukraine

🥈   Small Budget

🥈   Most Effective Use Of Social Media Marketing


Insofar as we are not only working but also being friends with Planeta Kino, the communication was really fast. We had a few goals at a time: to support the brand after the total closure, to save the team, and to keep the connection with the audience.

We had a simple plan: «Planeta Kino» would sell certificates at 100 UAH price. Each certificate holder can change it on any visit to the cinema in any technology (Cinetech+, IMAX, RE'LUX, or 4DX) after the quarantine ends.

That’s all, no restrictions and small text hidden behind asterisks! We had just to make all the materials on time, during the first week of quarantine, while the theme of supporting local businesses with donations was quite fresh.

Idea and realization:

We have created the whole communication – ad messages, visuals, site, and materials for social media – in 4 days, almost without any edits. We made a main bet on the bright creative.

Likewise, we made a series of key visuals as the collages in the Kitsch art style. They had a call to action to buy a certificate and to support the brand during a hard time. We added the simple and friendly message, which was simultaneously the main idea and the call to action – to Save the Planet!

We made a landing page for more information and chose Facebook and Instagram to promote the certificates. Every person who bought the certificate could use the Facebook mask with the tag #herooftheplanet – so that everybody could know who is a real planet saver here.

After brand pages and Planeta Kino’s co-owner published the first posts, news about the certificates started spreading quickly. People bought the certificates, shared the news with their friends willingly, wrote the support messages to the brand, and even opinion leaders shared their love for Planeta Kino by publishing the requests to Save the Planet absolutely for free.

The proposal was actual till the end of quarantine. Thanks to the organic spread we spent only $150 on Facebook promo by 3 months. Planeta Kino and 800 employees were saved!


300 000

Organic reach of posts and stories

5 200

Shares on social media

1 600

Comments by the end of the first week of the campaign

112 000

Certificates bought

12 504%

ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)