Planeta Kino’s Instagram is not just a page on a social network. This is an unusual comparison of graphic elements that flows from one post to another. This is digital modern art and a huge part of the team's day-by-day work for more than 15 months.

No pigeons were harmed

​​You have to doubt if it is possible to design things as cool as they are in your imagination. One of such things was the Instagram feed. We had two tasks: to make a mosaic and to deliver certain messages to our audience. Each post had to resonate with the main idea, evoke the right emotions and associations for the brand. Our friends from Vertigo understand the brand perfectly, so every visual on social media accurately conveys the company's mission.
Tolik Kozlovsky, Digital & Communications lead of the Planeta Kino network

One day we decided to count how much content we created and converted pixels into meters. It turned out that the height of the feed reaches the level of a ten-story building. And if you add up the duration of all the stories, we get a film with a timing of the director's version of "The Lord of the Rings". And 77+ thousand inhabitants are watching this reality show. Daily.

Kyiv International Advertising Festival KIAF 

Gold and Best of contest in "Digital & Mobile" 

Bronze in “Digital Design”

UKRAINIAN DESIGN: the Very Best of

Best Of in "Digital Illustration & Image Design"