There is a cool technique: when you create a product, think globally. Thus, KOKO CARD for Forward Bank was born in collaboration between VERTIGO and iplace: more than just another card.



It is noteworthy that the first priority was the development of card design. But we, as always, have done more and created a concept with almost unlimited scaling potential.

In the process of market research, it was hard not to notice one obvious nuance. 98% of the existing cards are very similar to each other: black edition luxury gold platinum filled the niche, but we wanted something new and fresh. This is how KOKO CARD was born.

In the end, the project received a funny naming, visual design, its own language, interesting packaging, a bunch of layouts for souvenirs, a social media account and a website that fully automates the process of collecting applications from customers.

Target audience

Bank cards in our time are a necessity, which means that all Ukrainians aged 18+ potentially use them. The key segment of the target audience was middle-class people from small towns. We were looking for an image that would be understandable to customers: inspire confidence, fit well into the design concept and have great potential for scaling.

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Silver in Brand Identity

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Shortlist in Graphic Design



In the process of brainstorming, about 10 completely different variants were born. After analyzing them, we came to the conclusion that the image should be popular, about absolute kindness, care, even satiety. The chicken coped with this task better than the others.

Further, for the full disclosure of the essence of the chicken, we created a vocabulary. Absolutely seriously studied all the words with the capital syllable -ko, duplicated the letters and simulated situations for the appropriate use of slang. Thus, we invented our own language, which the brand character spoke with.

The visual part has also undergone several variations. Such an unpretentious character, familiar to everyone since childhood, turned out to be not very easy to visualize. We tried to show the chicken as light, cheerful, like “our dude”, but without bias towards frivolity. 

Therefore, after selecting options, we settled on the version of the chicken that the project is now famous for.

Next the digital campaign came. Atypical for the banking industry, entertaining, but damn productive, as it turned out later.


The promotional approach developed by our partners from iPlace allowed the client not only to build knowledge about the product, but also to exceed all targets. What is the essence of the approach?

Communication glut of the market creates new requirements and approaches in the field of digital marketing. It is not enough to come up with a colorful logo, bright packaging and to say that the product has succeeded. The product succeeded when it was bought and started to be used.

The effectiveness of advertising campaign is no longer measured by scores and clicks. Only the business result is important, which the customer can confirm in terms of sales. Therefore, we consider two large areas of work - the product and its delivery.

And if with the product and its “packaging” we were able to achieve visual differentiation from other offers in the category, then the second step was to deliver an advertising message about our product to the target audience.

The factor that significantly influenced our digital strategy was the complete lack of communication from Forward Bank over the past 3 years.

Total silence mode generated zero SOV in the category. As a result, the bank's only advertising touchpoints were branches, current clients and everyone's favorite posters and flyers.

In our strategy, we divided the target audience into 2 groups: with the existing demand and the one whose demand is yet to be formed in the future. Communication tools were used with this division in mind. So, in Facebook, Instagram, GS, GDN, GMAIL, we worked with the current demand and looked for an audience that was most interested in the topic of a credit card. And in DV360, we built advertising contacts with an audience that can be transformed into a client within 2-3 months.

The target number of applications for the product was exceeded by 162%, and the cost of attracting 1 potential customer who shared their personal data for a credit card registration was lower than planned by 60%.


Courage and quality planning is the new black. This requires good processing: both at the creative stage and at the stage of distribution in the media. But this approach will also provide significant feedback. Therefore, between what works classically and what will resonate and sell, we will always choose the second option.

“We're just used to working conceptually. Drawing something beautiful is cool, but it is also important to understand the environment in which the product will exist. Enlist the support of partners. Provide a field for maneuvers. Apparently, the secret is that we are ready to give what customers do not even expect”.
Denis Martynov, Managing Director VERTIGO